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Telephone +49 36338 584172 2 (Mon-Thu, 19.00-20.00, Berlin Time)

Seidl Technologies UG (haftungsbeschränkt) founded in Bleicherode, Germany, in 2015 is engaged in the fields of information technology and numerical analysis, and will, with time, launch a small variety of corresponding products and services.

For the time being, on-site services tailored to the needs of end consumers are offered for sale in a certain area around the company's seat in central Germany. So those who have problems with their Internet access, with their home network at all, or with their telephonic equipment can get professional help for troubleshooting and repair work. Seidl Technologies can also assist customers in planning, installing, commissioning, extending, and optimizing their personal communications infrastructure. Interested parties are invited to click onto On-site services Internet Connectivity (IC) for reading up the details belonging to that service type.

As long as their installations match our profile, the aforementioned on-site services are also offered to corporates and public institutions. Please talk to us about your needs.

Concerning FMC, a software suite for generating optimization model descriptions and treating them by means of nonlinear programming, it is said that this software will be released into the market in the last quarter of 2022. From about the same time, we shall besides accept orders to perform modeling and parameter findings with respect to small through medium sized problems.

Please, also note our interest in Cooperation with manufacturing companies, having the goal to construct and commercialize an Actively Cooled Server Rack Cabinet that follows the idea of the one-cabinet data center.


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